Look Up

London’s architecture is incredibly diverse and expanding rapidly. The city in recent years resembles something closer to a building site than a city emerging from the grip of a global recession. I’ve spent years wandering around it’s streets, camera in hand looking more like a lost tourist than a lifelong Londoner. Irritating busy commuters as I stand in the middle of the pavement looking up at seemingly nothing. 
Looking up when taking a photo is a great way to hide my biggest problem as a self declared delusional wannabe photographer. I have very little imagination when it comes to photography, I struggle to see the interesting angles and subjects that so many of the photographers I follow on sites such as 500px and Flickr capture with apparent ease. 
More often than not I find myself visiting the same places time and time again, always seeing the same photos I’ve previously taken with increasing frustration at my lack of imagination. So I simply look up and instantly there is a wealth of interesting photos just waiting to be taken. Usually of seemingly mundane building facades that struggle to catch the eye at any other angle. 
Hence the bemused looks and exacerbated sighs from passers by as they are forced to take evasive action to avoid walking into me. Most it would seem love a photo but not the photographer

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